TRQ Vs NGK Ignition Coil – An In-depth Comparison

Is OE the same as OEM?

Why am I talking about this in the TRQ vs NGK Ignition Coil?

There is an important distinction to make here: TRQ Ignition Coils come with OE Replacement Parts, while NGK Ignition Coils come with OEM Replacement Parts.

TRQ and NGK parts both provide reliable replacement parts for vehicles, but there are important differences between them.

TRQ’s OE stands for ‘Original Equipment’, and refers to components that are made by the original manufacturer of the vehicle. This ensures that parts are made to the highest standards and offer the best performance.

NGK parts, on the other hand, are ‘OEM’ (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, meaning they are made by a third-party supplier. These parts can still offer good performance but can be more expensive.

So, Let’s find out more details about these two parts!

TRQ Ignition CoilTRQ Ignition Coil$$
NGK Ignition CoilNGK Ignition Coil$$

Trq Vs Ngk Ignition Coil In a Table

Trq Vs Ngk Ignition Coil

What is TRQ Ignition Coil?

Trq gnition Coil

I know, I know, the TRQ ignition coil is red! Wow, they had a red one, but now they have a black one too!

But the most fun part is how they were built. They were made with rubber, silicone, or phenolic resin, which is totally awesome!

What an amazing feature! Not only are they cool, but they also increase efficiency by up to 15% more energy transfer to the spark plugs. How incredible!

TRQ ignition coils are so cool ’cause they make your car work better and faster! They last longer and make your car go faster when you step on the gas, it’s awesome!

These will certainly enhance the engine performance of your Toyota, Ford, Lincoln, Turbo, Mazda3, and Jeep – a perfect fit for all your automotive needs.

What is an NGK Ignition Coil?

Ngk Ignition Coil

Without a doubt, NGK is at the top of the list when it comes to OEM ignition coils. It’s really popular and has lots of fans!

They offer a customized Ignition coil that you can find in a sleek black finish or a stylish combination of both black and silver.

If you got an NGK coil, you’ve made the best decision ever! It has a special NGK ASIC chip that helps make your system really efficient and stops it from getting damaged.

All the parts that NGK offers for an ignition coil are really important. Like, High-quality electrical steel and High-grade dielectric thermal plastic. These will take your engine to a whole new level.

This ignition coil is beneficial for everyone, but especially for off-road adventurers looking for long-lasting performance.

TRQ Vs NGK Ignition Coil – Major Differences

You can understand now why the two brands can both offer excellent performance, and they have their own merits. Let’s explore the major differences between the TRQ Ignition Coil and the NGK Ignition Coil.


The TRQ ignition coil is equipped with a delightful High-Temperature Epoxy that is sure to keep it in perfect condition, no matter how extreme the road conditions!

The NGK ignition coil is built with super duper ASIC chips, and it’s been tested in really really hard conditions in an ISO 17025 certified test lab, it has lots of extra awesome features that make it super durable on every kind of road, from bumpy dirt roads to slippery snowy roads.

I believe that NGK is a remarkably durable product when compared to TRQ.


The ignition coils from TRQ and NGK are like super cool battery boosters!

They take a small amount of current from the car battery and then POW. They turn it into enough power to get the engine going and the fuel burning.

Pretty awesome, right?

But which one does a better job?

You know TRQ can make things more efficient by giving 15% more energy to the spark plugs. But what about NGK? NGK is super cool because they can make 12 volts go to the ignition so the engine can start super fast.


We all know that OEM parts are, like, way more expensive than OE parts. That’s definitely true for TRQ and NGK ignition coils too – TRQ is an OE part, and NGK is an OEM part.

Final Words

When considering the TRQ ignition coil and NGK ignition coil, there is no clear victor – they each serve different purposes. Though the NGK may be pricier, it provides superior durability and performance, making it worth the investment.

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